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Survey: Part 2

Instructions: You many respond either by sending me a private message via LJ or by e-mail at rozie_bell13@yahoo.com (if you e-mail me, please label your e-mail something like "survey answers"). Whichever way you choose to respond, please make sure to number your answers. You do not have to retype each question, but please answer each question in order and number them! You are allowed to skip questions if you feel they don&'t apply to you or if you're uncomfortable answering them, and you may write as much or as little as you want for the ones you do answer.

1.) If you do crossplay (or plan to) how do you usually perceive the sexuality of the characters you crossplay as? For instance, do you only crossplay as characters you consider to be a straight/gay/bi etc.?

2.) If any of the characters you crossplay as you perceive to be gay, are they more often the 'seme' or the 'uke' in the perceived relationship?

3.) Do you crossdress or dress as the opposite gender outside of the convention scene?

4.) Does crossplaying satisfy you in ways that dressing in your regular clothes or regular cosplay do not? Do you get emotional or sexual satisfaction or validation from crossplay? How so?

5.) To what lengths do you go to to 'pass' as male when you crossplay? Do you think it is important to 'pass' when you crossplay?

6.) Do you find yourself thinking or behaving differently when you are crossplaying compared to how you think or act when you are not?

7.) When did you start to read and/or write yaoi/BL? About what year was it, and about how old were you?

8.) Prior to reading/writing yaoi/BL, did you read or write fanfic about straight couples?

9.) Do you still read or write straight fic?

10.) If you stopped reading/writing straight fic, or read/write it considerably less, why?

11.) Which is more satisfying or sexually stimulating to read, yaoi/BL or het?

12.) When you read yaoi/BL, how do you relate to the main couple? (Do you see the scene unfolding in front of you like a movie, or from the perspectives of one of the participants? Which participant?) Do you relate to every story the same way?

13.)Is the way you relate to the characters in fanfiction (the ones in the relationship) the same way you relate to your partner or spouse? If you are single, do you want yourself in real life, once or if you get a partner, to have a relationship similar to the way you relate to characters in fanfiction?

14.) What do you look for in a good fanfiction? What makes a yaoi/BL story a good story? How important is it that the characters are portrayed in a realistic homosexual relationship?

15.) For those of you with a "My /cm Anime Harem": Why are the characters you have in your harem in your harem? Do they have anything (like personality quirks, physical appearance, or voice actors) in common with one another? Do you read/write (if so, do your harem characters tend to be 'uke' or 'seme') or crossplay any of the characters? Does your harem have a king, and if so, why is he the king?

16.) For those of you with 'husbando' and/or male 'waifu' characters: Why is your 'husbando' your 'husbando', and why is your 'waifu' your 'waifu'? How is a 'husbando' character different from a 'waifu' character?

17.) Is there anything else you'd like to add, any comments to make about this survey or fandom in general?



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A Survey of Western Female Anime Fans

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