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Survey: Part 2

Instructions: You many respond either by sending me a private message via LJ or by e-mail at rozie_bell13@yahoo.com (if you e-mail me, please label your e-mail something like "survey answers"). Whichever way you choose to respond, please make sure to number your answers. You do not have to retype each question, but please answer each question in order and number them! You are allowed to skip questions if you feel they don&'t apply to you or if you're uncomfortable answering them, and you may write as much or as little as you want for the ones you do answer.

Part 2 questions here!Collapse )


Part 1 survey is now closed! Thank you for such a great turnout: 117 responses! However, due to restrictions by the survey host site, I can only analyze the first 100. Regardless, thank you, thank you, (and again) thank you to everyone for participating!!!

Survey: Part 1

Click the link to take the first part of the survey. It consists of 8 multiple choice questions and will help me judge the demographics I'm reaching.

**This survey is intended for people of the female gender only. This means that if you are biologically male but identify as female, you are more than welcome to take it.**

This survey, because of the host I'm using, can collect up to 100 responses and I hope to get as close to that number as possible. The survey will close in one week (on March 28, 2012) or when 100 responses have been made, whichever comes first. If you are interested in completing Part 2, an interview or "long answer" type survey, please sign up to watch this community; I will also post a link on my personal LJ as well as my Facebook for people I personally know who want to participate.

Whether you take Part 2 or not, thank you for participating in Part 1! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via message on LJ or through Facebook.

This way to the survey!



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A Survey of Western Female Anime Fans

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